Friday, February 4, 2011


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Before i start, i would like to add a P.S: (can you add a P.S at the beginning of something??) 

P.S here is the definition for Eish (aysh) - Used to express surprise, wonder, frustration or outrage: "Eish! That cut was sore!"

Should Have Seen It Coming
As I have been off school for a week with a life - threatening illness, ie. a cold, I have seven hundred and fifty thousand piles of work to catch up on. If i'd known it would have turned out like this i would have just gone to school and then died when i got home... tsk tsk.

Who Cares What They Think??
Some of my "friends" would like to start a blog (Hah!) but they're being all, "but gosh, what if no one reads or likes me?". Well then tough shit, that's what i say. I blog for the fun of it, if people happen to like it on the way then that's fantastic, other wise i couldn't care less. You could find more important things to get your knickers in a twist about i'm sure.
My point is, just blog for the sake of blogging, not for the sake of other tosspots who couldn't care less.

Ahem... Interesting
When i was talking to my uncle the other day, he said he found quite a interesting site. "What's the site?" You ask? Well, it is none other than, that's right, see my shit. All i want to know is how in the name of Professor Snape's shoes did he come across that site? Perhaps by chance?

I have been called a lot of things, bitch, meanie etc. But in all my years of living have I never been called what I was called today, a slut. That's right, now let me just straighten something out, I do not have a boyfriend, I haven't had one since the middle of last year, and I am not a lesbian. Now could anyone tell me how THAT makes me a slut? I've barely spoken to a boy (That isn't repulsive or my best friend) these past few months, let alone done anything slutty. 

My conclusion: Some people need to be vigorously beaten with a stick.