Friday, February 11, 2011

That Was... Crappy

Like I have said in my previous post, Eish...Some people need to be vigorously beaten with a stick. 
Here's why.
We all know about suicide, it's unfortunately becoming more and more common every year. But what I don't understand is why people like to PRETEND that they are suicidal. Let me elaborate on that, here's a story for you:

My friends and I hang out in a group at break, we started off as 8 people in the group, and it slowly increased as new people arrived at the school. This year we have a grand total of 12 people in the group, and things have slowly started to fall apart since certain people arrived. 

My very good friend decided to confront these other people in the group about it, and she told them in a nice manner but she was very straight forward with them.
Well, the person being told off of course didn't take kindly to this, and burst into tears and ran off to the bathroom. I'm sorry but that just pisses me off, if you want everyone to treat you properly then you must act properly too.

Anyway the conversation went like this. (In the bathroom)

Her: My life is terrible, my life is terrible.
Us: Why? What's wrong? You just have to listen to us, we're not shouting at you, just calm (the f*ck) down.
Her: I'm..I'm.... (sniff) suicidal! *cries*
Us: WHAT??!!
Her: I've tried to kill myself four times. 
Us: How?
Her: I've cut myself.
Us:... Where?
Her: On my leg.
Us: How?
Her: Shaving.
Us: .............
Her: But I had the urge to do it again.
Us: Well don't do it again, talk to somebody, seriously its really messed up to cut yourself.
Her: I didn't mean to cut myself, I meant I had the urge to pick the scabs.
Us: (Oh my god, she's mental) .........
Her: I'm going to have a suicide attack!

And it carry's on and on and on..
Ok there's a couple of things wrong with this.

If you are really suicidal, you don't:

  1. You don't have a suicide "attack".
  2. You don't cut yourself on your leg.
  3. You don't cut yourself SHAVING.
  4. You don't get your knickers in a twist because you pick the scabs. *rolls eyes*
One word to summarize  this: Crap.
You really shouldn't do that, she's doing it for attention and everyone believes her.

Grrr... makes me vewi cross!

Ah well SMILE :) It's weekend.