Monday, February 14, 2011

Survival Guide To Valentines Day

Sorry this wasn't already posted first thing this morning, the internet was being a hobo.
File:Valentines heart.svg

We all know about how some people feel about valentines day, for some people, it's their "favorite holiday of the entire year" and all their savings are spent buying heart - shaped balloons that either pop or get thrown away after you've given it to someone, flowers that wilt, chocolates that get eaten, dates that are forgotten and jewelery that gets 'stolen'. Yes, these hopeless romantics have it baaad. Especially seeing as they go and do it all again and suffer the exact same thing the next year.

Then we have the more cynical types, they do nothing on this glorious occasion and make it clear to the world that they couldn't give a shit... When you know that deep down they are wondering why they didn't get any gifts or cards this year, or the year before that.

You also have the "sensible" folk. Who believe that you don't have to wait for a special day to come once a year to acknowledge your loved one. Valentines day should be every day.

And last but not least you have the "Money Savers" who feel that it isn't necessary to spend millions on stupid gifts when they could be used for something much more important. Sure, Valentines Day is important, but a homemade card will do just fine.

I would say i'm a balanced combination of all three of them. 
So, which one are you? Hopeless Romantic? Cynical Viewer? Or Money Saver?