Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's Up With That??

Last year i got a belly ring, yes it hurt, yes it's a lot of trouble, no you can't change it until it's healed PROPERLY (which is very annoying because it takes like, five thousand years to heal anyway). But on the bright side it looks pretty cute once it's stopped bleeding and swelling... sometimes the skin around it even goes yellow *horror*.

Anyway, I'v finally been able to change it. I was talking to my neighbor the other day, he is around the same age as me, and we (somehow) got onto the subject where i told him i got a new belly ring for Christmas. The response to that? "Wow! You have a belly ring? I haven't seen it." Well, erm, yes I know you haven't, anyway after talking for a while, he asked me out. I suspect the trigger for that was the belly ring. Which leads me to a question, why do guys like belly rings? And that actually leads me to another one, why, if a girl has a belly ring, do you have a sudden need to ask that girl out? It's not like we transform into the perfect girl or anything, we just have a hole in above our naval.